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Product Review #3 - Art Gallery Knits

Posted by Guest Blogger on

Art Gallery Knits - A review written by Margo of The Climbing Tree

Confession: I’m a knit fabric snob! OK so I’ve said it - I like my knits to be decent quality and when you are paying current prices for knit fabrics well you want them to be good! I sew with knits almost every single day making mostly underwear for children so I want fabric that is lovely and soft against the skin but that will also last.

Art Gallery are known for their fabulous quality quilters cottons and when I saw they had released a knit range and that Rebecca was stocking them I was skeptical. A few years ago a couple of the bigger US fabric houses released some knits, I tried then and lets just say I didn’t go back and buy any more.

So I bought a metre of AG and here is my verdict.

Shrinkage: about 4-5% which is pretty normal for knits.

Weight: I’d call it mid weight - about 190gsm which is the most common weight for knits, however european knits are around 210gsm so there is is a slight different in handle, but not that substantial that you could mix and match fabrics from different manufacturers.

Drape: Fabulous, soft and fluid to handle but still with enough body. Would I make a maxi-skirt from it? If I was a size 6 sure but the soft drape would tend to show every lump and bump, but it would be perfect for soft tops, maternity T’s, leggings, girls dresses or circle skirts – endless options really…

Ease to sew: All knits can slide around and bit and not behave, this was average no better or worse than other cotton/lycras I’ve used.

Prints: The thing that most attracts me to AG knits is the print range - delicate florals and softer shades of colours. A lot of the euro trends are to large scale bright bold prints - which are fabulous - but for little size 2 knickers the print scale is often too big and super bright undies under a pretty pale floral handmade dress does not always work! So the softer prints are fabulous for that.

Verdict: You will see more knickers from The Climbing Tree using AG Knits!

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