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Disney, Licenced & Movies

Fabric is priced and sold per 1/2 Metre and left continuous where possible. Next day shipping after payment clears. Free shipping for orders over $150. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Disney Fabric has copyrighted images printed onto the fabric. Under copy-write laws you are not able to reproduce those images (ie drawing, painting, applique). However, some also carry the instructions "for personal use only" or "not for commercial use" on the selvedge. There is some disagreement about what that means for small handmade businesses. The general consensus is that you CAN use these products to make items to sell from (ie clothes, quilts etc) but cannot claim the item is a licensed product.

I.e. A skirt make out of Dora material cannot be sold as a "Dora Skirt" but can be sold as "Skirt made out of licensed Dora material". with a obvoius disclaimer "This is not a licensed Disney Product, it is handcrafted w/care from licensed Disney material. Sellername is not affilated with or sponsored by Disney."

For more information see the following links: Tabberone Licensed Fabric Article
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