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Heat n Bond

HeatnBond® is available in three styles.

  • HeatnBond® Ultrahold/Original is a no-sew permanent adhesive. It’s great for adding embellishments, accents and details to quilts, wall hangings, home décor and costumes when you don’t want to sew or can’t sew. In addition to all kinds of fabric, it can also be used on wood and canvas for other creative home décor projects!
  • HeatnBond Lite is a sewable permanent adhesive. Use this when you need to sew the project, but you don’t want to spend your time pinning! Iron your appliqués, edges and embellishments in place and then sew at your leisure! No more accidentally pinning yourself while handling the project! Iron your pieces into place and then sew as you normally would, the fabric remains flexible and the adhesive won’t gum up your needles. Use it to create costumes, table runners, placemats, quilts and tons of other projects! You can also seal the edges with fabric paint, so it can also be used on sweatshirts, canvases and wall hangings!
  • HeatnBond® FeatherLite is a new sewable permanent adhesive that is even lighter than Lite. This adhesive is perfect for baby quilts, thin summer quilts, wearables and especially for multi-layered projects such as landscape quilts. It gets buttery soft after washing and doesn’t even feel as if adhesive is part of the project.

All of the HeatnBond® products can be washed and dried after properly adhered.

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